7th Heaven Angel Michael Blue Bracelet with diamante 925 Sterling Silver wing charm for Protection Strength Courage Clasp Grey YDz7YDcts

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7th Heaven Angel Michael Blue Bracelet with diamante 925 Sterling Silver wing charm for ProtectionStrength & Courage

Wear this blue colour for Angel Michael's ProtectionStrength and Courage in times of need or minding. Let the angel Michael guidehug and protect you.

The Angels have allowed their energy to inspire the designerTahnee Morgan to create a unique 7th Heaven collection. This 925 silver diamante wing charm has been lovingly hand-made using Blue agate natural stones.

7th Heaven 925 silver diamante wing charm Gold Angel wing - represents your personal Guardian Angel

All Products include

- A bespoke suedette pouch with gold embossed wings

- An Angel Meaning Description Card

Jewellery care remove jewellery before washing handsswimmingor applying perfumes or fake tanas this could cause discolouration. To minimise snagging on clothes or bed sheetsput your jewellery on at the end of dressing and remove before undressing. Be careful of all hand sanitizers.

7th Heaven Angel Michael Protection Properties

Angel Michael is one of the strongest angels who protects and guides the wearer. You may need angel Michael in your life in times of reassurance or doubt.

Archangel Michael often manifests himself in a blue orbthe color blue often signifies Angel Michael.

7th Heaven Angel Michael Blue Bracelet

Our pave wing collection comes in two variations plated gold or sterling silver.

Pick from one of our seven archangels & stay protected.

7th Heaven Angel Michael Collection

Stack your 7th Heaven Angel Michael! Angel Michael is the ultimate protection angel.

Mix and match with other collections!

Always have an Angel by your side.

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