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De Lapoll Think for Customers

We have been thinking about what kind of jewelry is welcomed by customers and can bring happiness and joy to customers.

First of alljewelry must have a first-class design level. Only the beauty of jewelry can touch customers.

When customers sent us a consultation and expressed their needs. We should let customers know that exquisite and beautiful jewelry is never cheap. In order to let customers get the jewelry they expect in their mindswe do our best to make the jewelryuse good gemsgood diamondsand good craftand even the cost is very close to the selling numbers. No retreatjust want to offer a treasure to customers.

De Lapoll's products are concentrated in the range of suitable vaulewhich not only guarantees the quality of the jewelry but also ensures that the customers can afford it. When you receive our productsif you feel happy and satisfiedplease remember our name"De Lapoll Jewelry"Thank you!

Customized Your Own Jewelry

Step 1 Jewelry Design

The art of designing jewelry is inspired by many emotionsa jewelry designer must either think about the person who will be enjoying the works along with their lifestyle and needs or consider the precious gem or material that is before them how to best bring out its beauty. In the endwe are either designing jewelry to appeal to a segment of the population with a particular sense of styleor we are designing jewelry to accentuate the featured materials.

Once a themevalueand target user are establishedthe artist can work within reasonable boundaries and unleash the talents and passion they possess. With a given theme and reasonable parameters on materialsit is possible to confidently design jewelry and reflect the mood or emotion desired.

Step 2 Wax Carving

Wax model makers are gifted artisans that transform a simple block of wax into a a model in the exact likeness of the fine jewelry to be created. Until recent years and the advance of CAD jewelry designmost fine jewelry was carved from wax. Using filesbladesto carve and shave waxthe artisans create a rough form. After the creationthe sculptors wax carving is imbedded in a metal flask which will be filled with plaster like investmentand left to harden. The flask containing the hardened investment is then incinerated in an oven at extreme temperatures to burn away any trace of the wax sculpture. With the wax burned awaythe plaster will have a hollow impression of the wax carving once within that will be transformed into gold or platinum through the jewelry casting process.Once castthe plaster mold is broken away yielding a crude unfinished version of the artists original work.

Step 3 Jewelry Casting

Wax models or resin type materials are connected to one another on a sprue to form a tree-like configuration. The alignment of the models is arranged to allow gold or platinum to flow through the tree with minimum turbulence or resistance. The tree is then suspended inside a metal flask and filled with plaster slurry. Once filledair bubbles and pockets are removed from the slurry by debubblizing the flask inside a bell jar with negative atmosphere. After hardening and curingflasks containing invested models are placed in specialized ovenswhere the wax is incinerated at temperatures as high as 1600 F for 12-16 hours. A properly burned out flask will have no remaining residue of wax or resinleaving behind a hollow impression left by the tree and sculptures that were burned from it.

Step 4 Stone Setting

Because of its use in engagement ringsprong setting is familiar to almost everyone. It seems that there are prong set designs to fit every shape and size gem in existence; the most typical being the traditional four or six prong configurations. Prong settings range in style from trellis designs to baskets. The elevation of prong-set stones allows light to enter from the top and sidesand it is unquestionably the most popular method of stone setting for individual featured gems. Prong settings boasts faceted stones in the proudest possible way.

Step 5 Jewelry Polishing

Artisans skilled at jewelry polishing use a wide array of machines and hand held tools to remove uneven or rustic surfaces from goldplatinum or silver. Using wheels and bits charged with abrasive compounds the polishers shape and contour surfaces. The next stages include lighter polishing mediums that reveal a brilliant shine. Through years of experience a jeweler develops jewelry polishing techniques that seem to magically unlock the beauty of precious metal.

Why Choose US

Top Fine Jewelry

Our Company has been in the fine gemstone business for more than 40 years and has deep roots in gemstone cuttingpolishingand design. We specialize in SapphiresRubiesEmeraldsTanzanitesDiamondsand other gemstones.

We are a vertically integrated company right from stone-cuttingdesigningmanufacturingquality controland fulfillmenteverything is taken care of in-house. We are proud to have master jewelers who are experts in creating quality jewelry that is worthy of your expectation.

Beautiful Design

Any discussion about designing jewelry should start with an inspiration. There are a few motives that can inspire a jewelry designer. Primary incentives to design jewelry include focusing on the intended users desires and needs. Another is to ride the wave of current market and fashion trends by elaborating current popular themes. Still another more free spirited approach is from the soul whereby artisans own dreams and the materials and gems dictate the direction of design. a jewelry designer must either think about the person who will be enjoying the works along with their lifestyle and needsor consider the precious gem or material that is before them how to best bring out its beauty.

Skilled Workers

Without the art of stone settingthe dramatic gemstones featured in most fine jewelry would be forlorn. Master setters are confronted with the challenge of securing diamonds and gemstones in the least invasive way. The objective when stone setting is to use the minimum amount of material necessary to secure the gem. In doing so the setter must provide maximum durability while the gemstone jewelry is being worn. You need only look at a simple engagement ring with stilted fine wire prongs to understand the importance of this art.

Contact US if You Have the Bangle Size You Want.
Material24K 99.9% Pure Gold.
Product Weight about 9 grams.
Diameter about 56mm
Style Women's 24K Gold Bangle BraceletPerfect for All Occasions AnniversaryEngagementPartyMeetingDatingWeddingDaily Wearetc

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